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Success starts with the most advanced and powerful approach! 

Unique, Impactful & creative property marketing – demonstrating the clear, powerful advantage we offer sellers.

New Look. New Name.

New Look. New Name - Our company has been around for more than 100 years; we have recently rebranded and from everything that I know- we intend to be around for another 100 years!

#1 for 22 Years /

What we’ve been doing to market properties has had a lot of success for our clients across the country. And in fact, we’ve been the #1 home seller in the United States for over 22 years—in a row.

 #1 in FL / #1 in Million+ 

And We aren’t just national- it is our local presence that adds to the national figures. We are #1 in FL and we are also #1 in the Luxury space as well.

 Professional Photography

Everything starts with incredible photography. I’m going to hire a professional to come to your home and shoot photos of your beautiful home. I found that using an iPhone just doesn’t do what it takes in today’s competitive market. Now that can cost five or six hundred dollars, to bring a top professional in, but it’s worth it. Everything we do marketing-wise is based on incredible photography.

Property Brochures

We’re going to use that amazing photography to create beautiful brochures. Here’s an example of one of the brochures. We want something that is different and unique and the whole goal behind these brochures is so that when someone sees your home… and goes back to their house, or to their office to write up an offer, they are reminded of the best features of your property. So they make the highest offer possible, that’s why we create these powerful brochures. Notice the high-quality color with great photography!

Single Property Website

We also use that great photography to create a single property website for your home. This is a website that has the address of your home in the URL as well as all the great features and benefits of your home including mapping the location, what’s nearby and even videos. I love to use this custom website to feature your home on all of my social media sites as well.

Targeted Online Advertising

We will be targeting buyers with both social and web advertising using a custom ad with my name and contact information. The ad will appear on Facebook, Instagram and the web; we will be targeting likely buyers who live near your property or who have visited real estate-related websites. {Provide an example of Ad Retargeting – i.e. Zappos Shoes, and Patio Furniture from Home Depot}.

We will also use geographic targeting technology to find the most relevant buyers for your property. (CBx Buyer Locator)

I've invested in proprietary software that utilizes data from companies like Experian, ESRI and more to identify the people most likely to be interested in buying your house. It’s called CBX! This software tells me where your likely buyer is currently located. Utilizing this information effectively, I'm able to place many of the powerful marketing pieces I'm creating, right in front of them.

The combination of high-quality marketing pieces that compliment your beautiful home, and the ability to deliver those pieces to the right people quickly assures us that we're attracting the right people to your home, to sell your house as quickly as possible for the highest price.

 Just Listed eFlyer

Like many people in this industry, I’ve got literally hundreds of past clients, current clients and future clients…  so, the moment your home is on the market I am going to use this proprietary software system to notify everyone I know that your home has just hit the market. It’s a great way to announce your property to the market to hundreds and hundreds of people, very very quickly. And, if you would like, I can also share this with you for you to share on social media and for you to market to your contacts.

Professionally Produced TV SPOT

That’s right, our own Coldwell Banker TV show called “At Home in Southwest Florida” (or “At Home on the Gulf Coast”). It will be professionally hosted. The show will feature all of our new listings. So, we’ll professionally produce a 30-second TV spot for your listing and it will air on (Fox on Sundays at 7:30 am or on ABC on Sundays at 1 pm.)  *Check your local market- times subject to change

Neighborhood Announcement-

We all know direct mail works, decade after decade.  It’s expensive, but it’s effective. 

I send out about 50 of these to your neighbors (hold up the Silver foil envelope). What’s it look like to you? Right… an invitation to a party.  I do that, because I know it gets opened, go ahead, open it up. As you can see, it’s very “high-end”, featuring lots of beautiful photos and all the benefits of your lovely home. I’ve found that when marketed to properly, your neighbors can be very effective in helping us find the perfect buyer. They have friends, family and even co-workers that may want to move to the neighborhood.  Although this piece is expensive, it gives your neighbors the right type of tool to help us create more exposure. (By the way, Agents on the call, on the back of this piece it says Property Marketing That WORKS’ and list every item of your LC marketing plan!)

Property Tour

We will also create a professional photo slideshow with narration of your listing that includes photo, details of the home, and my agent contact information. 

I will then post this to my Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.  And, if you would like I can send you the link so that you too can share it on social media

VIEW Magazine

Have you ever seen one of these before? Have you ever seen one of those Free real estate pubs?? I used to run ads in publications like those, but here’s what we’ve learned, “nearly 86% of most unsubscribed, real estate publications, end up in the trash… before they’re even looked at”. What a horrible waste of money and time.

So, I’ve gone a different direction, it’s expensive, but again, I can’t afford to leave any rock unturned in the marketing of your home. Have you seen View Magazine before? The page rate is about $2,000 a page. I’d run an ad featuring your home in View Magazine. The power of a subscription-based magazine is that we have all the demographic data of their subscribers at our fingertips, net worth, how many plan to buy a new home, etc. I want to target the buyer of your home and this data helps me do it.

Area REALTOR Notification

Now one of the last things I do that really sets your home apart from the competition is to announce your home to all the realtors in the community- Agents that have a proven track record of selling homes like yours. The moment your home comes on the market I’d like to send this group of agents information about your property so they are the first ones to know. You may think that my job is to sell your home, BUT actually, my job is to cause your home to sell. I do that by mobilizing the entire real estate community for your benefit… and this is the way I do that.

Internet Marketing Advantage

In addition to all of that- your home will be syndicated using our comprehensive internet marketing strategy, which includes hundreds and hundreds of sites.

Seller Update-

I want to keep you informed every step of the way. And part of my marketing plan is this report. I will provide you with a bulleted list once every item is complete AND, it will include the link to each digital asset- all in one place. You won’t just be hearing from me today, and not tomorrow, like some other agents. I keep close contact with my clients and my marketing plan will be communicated.

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